Artículos y publicaciones



- Are compression garments effective for the recovery of exercise-induced muscle damage? A systematic review with meta-analysis.

- Función cardíaca y lactatemia en deportistas parapléjicos.

- Lack of concordance amongst measurements of individual anaerobic threshold and maximal lactate steady state on a cycle ergometer.

- Physiological and physical responses to wearing compression garments during soccer matches and recovery

- Plasma catecholamine and cardiovascular responses to nifedipine in hypertensives WHO-satage II.

- The effect of a 6-week individual anaerobic threshold based programme in a traditional rowing crew

- Hipertermia en atletas de élite durante la competición. Importancia de su control para la salud.

- Clinical, physical, physiological, and dietary patterns of obese and sedentary adults with primary hypertension characterized by sex and cardiorespiratory fitness: EXERDIET-HTA study

- Dopinaren aurkako borroka eta Joko Olinpikoak

-Control del entrenamiento y fisiología del ejercicio. La controversia del umbral anaeróbico

- Fatiga y daño muscular en fútbol: Un proceso complejo.

- Fatigue and recovery in soccer: Evidences and challenges.

- Validity of blood lactate measurements between the two LactatePro versions.

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